About Sanchia

Hi, I'm Sanchia. I am a fine artist and I have loved to draw since I was a young girl. When I was 14 I won a summer school scholarship to the Whitehouse School of Design in Sydney, where I learnt fashion illustration. At school, art was my favourite subject and my lunch hours were spent in the library drawing or reading up about the art masters.

I studied Fashion and Textile Design after school and worked for many years in the fashion industry for Australian companies like Colorado, Monti and with boutique artisan labels.

Raising a young family has meant I devoted most of my time to them, then a couple of years ago I came back to my drawing and painting. I had come home! I knew this was my passion, I became serious about my art, learning and developing further. I am a fine artist that loves the female face and form. In 2017 I showed my artwork for the first time in a public group exhibition. There are now a few collectors across Australia who love and enjoy my work and I hope that grows along with my body of work.

Hi, I’m Sanchia, a fine artist based in Brisbane, Australia. I’d love to hear from you!

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