About beautiful art

We all need to be surrounded by beautiful things

So you aren't completely happy with your life, right? You don't look in the mirror and see the beauty staring back!?!

Let me ask you this. When did you last feel like a vibrant and sensual woman?

Yeah, I get it. Its easy to get caught up on the hampster wheel of life and forget or lose sight of yourself.

What part of being a woman are you missing out on? You know the girly stuff - the experiences we cherish that remind us of our femininity, that we can soften into and feel relaxed by. The things that make us feel beautiful. Like having a moonlit walk on the beach, a sultry red lipstick, sexy underwear, having our nails done, a shopping day with girlfriends, yoga retreat or beachside getaway. You get the picture. These are luxuries that we gift others or ourselves on occasion. If you could would you have a little of that beauty and luxury in your life everyday? Would you say yes?!

These days, society tells us that women, particularly as mothers, have to put ourselves aside and take care of others. We are told that by indulging ourselves we are self-centred and instead should be self-sacrificing. But, as women we need to take care of ourselves, make our femininity a priority and to celebrate what being a woman entails.

Every day we are bombarded with the negativity that surrounds us. The news and media tell us daily about the terrible things happening and giving us a sense of dissatisfaction and drives out peace and enjoyment in our lives. As women we need to ensure that there is balance in our lives. By having beautiful things in our lives we can tip the scales back to balance.

My art is a reminder for you each time you see and experience it, to find the beauty where there seems to be none. With that one mindset shift our whole world changes. Your softness, femininity and vulnerability is not a weakness, it is your strength and it completes you.

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