A Message To All Women

A couple of years ago I received a voice message on my Facebook art page. My page where I share my art and myself. This message was from a Sanchia Gordon.

This message said:

“Hey yo, I don’t know what’s your problem, but you take my name ok!
So I dunno what you can do, but, change name hey, coz I don’t want to have to make the same name as ugly people, like..” message cuts out.

So I have a message for you:

To Sanchia, to all women,

I love my name, I always have. But, I haven’t always loved me, the person I am. I believed I was ugly, A childhood of intense bullying at school battered my self-esteem, dimmed that light inside, but didn’t extinguish it!

My art is my voice. My art is my love, my soul and it's on fire! I choose to use it to empower women, all women, raise them up and show them the beauty where there was seemingly just darkness and ugliness.

So, Sanchia Gordon, you are a beautiful woman, I am a beautiful woman, we all are. I enjoyed painting you today, thank you for your message, thank you for fueling my determination to discover and to celebrate beauty. To shine a light on darkness and find the treasures hidden there.

The world can change with your voice and the words you choose to speak. The world can change with my brush and the picture I choose to paint.

With Love, from Sanchia, from all women!!

I never could tag or message Sanchia Gordon as I offered that if she would love this illustration of her, it's my gift. She seemed to disappear off social media after a brief interaction with me and I still have the portrait as a beautiful reminder.


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