The Beauty in Belief

By Sanchia Marshall | 2

Sometimes, especially today I am unsure what to write. There are many things I could say but I'll go organic today. 

The last two weeks since my last blog post I have questioned the very essence of myself and my art. My spirituality and art was called into question by someone close. It made me feel like giving-up and not bothering. It's been a challenge and I definitely don't feel any clearer about some topics raised, but what I do know is that I need boundaries in my life and I need to believe in myself.

Until recently I always thought I couldn't do many things in life because of the type of person I am. Who was I to try and inspire others? I'd have to change to do that. That takes someone courageous with a big personality. That isn't me, so it mustn't be for me. In the past the labels I gave myself kept me safe, yet now I realise they were also my cage. I used to tell myself I'm shy, moody, weak, boring, safe.. and so the list goes on. Many challenging moments like this one have broken me open little by little, softened me gradually so I can start to see the beauty of being Sanchia, of being me. I am soft, sensitive, emotional, introverted, sensual and fun. I even feel odd to put those words to myself here, what you may think of me, that I might seem up myself. But we need to say those things to ourselves. I look at my daughter and she wholeheartedly loves herself, she thinks she is completely beautiful and awesome. When did we lose that as women? 

Start taking the words you tell yourself, the labels you use and reframe them. Discover your beauty where there doesn't seem to be any. Start with one word and find a better word for that label, use the thesaurus if it helps. Then own it, that gem is a part of you, it's a treasure for you to discover and explore. How does it feel? How can you work with that, embody it and make it uniquely yours?

The beauty in this artwork is adorned with some lavender flowers from my garden. I picked these because they were pretty and I thought they would look beautiful against her hair. So upon a little research I found out a little about these delicate purple blooms that I love. Their scent was popular among the Romans as a bath scent. Whilst pink is the colour of youth, lavender is femininity all grown up. When put into any arrangements, lavender sends a message of feminine beauty. It represents refinement, grace and elegance. Growth and change come with challenge and the lavender flower is often used for healing and uplifting us. 

My art is one thing that I stay excited about and have a passion for, I have so much to explore and I've only just begun. As I discover in my art, I discover about me, the things I love. I want to share that with you as I want every woman to see her beauty, her femininity and her essence. That it's not something reserved for a select few, its there hiding in the shadows waiting for you to discover it and then celebrate it. 

With Love,


And your on your way

Thanks for your guidance, love and support beautiful lady, it's much more fun and challenging way but wouldn't have it any other way xxoo

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