Christian Women Shouldn't Paint Nudes

Once upon a time someone said to me that my art was beautiful but.......I should be using it for God and that Christian women shouldn't paint nudes. Let's just say I didn't listen and painted this beautiful piece instead " Releasing Your Inner Boheme". To me she represented a feeling of freedom, from the flow of the watercolours to the release of my past. This piece is sold but is still one that I love and all that it said.

“She sighed turned her back and walked away.
With time she had learnt to choose her battles and this was one that wasn’t worth her time or energy.
She chose to release herself from expectations, the should’s no longer mattered.
She embraced freedom, she embraced herself, and it felt glorious.”

This was originally a post I put to social media and others had this to say:

“Stunning....and your are painting for God....shame the Christian women has an issue with nudes....God doesn't....your work is always God working through you....and it evokes such beautiful moods… emotions… feelings.… and it brings pleasure to so many”
“I completely disagree, God created us and we should be celebrated. I love your nudes and would love to hang them around my Christian home 💕”
“I actually love that someone said this to you because look what you created out of it! This piece is amazing 💗”
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