Pretty Petites Project

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Is your life full of beauty, or are you needing a daily reminder?

For less than $10 you can have original art in your space

Hi there, today I'm launching the Pretty Petites Project, my way of making your life a little more beautiful.

What is the Pretty Petites Project and why should you care?

I know that as modern women we are all busy and need more beauty in our lives. Taking time for self-care is one of the simplest and most nurturing ways to add beauty to our lives.That beauty for me comes when creating art and making things around me pretty. 

You see this project is personal for me. In my life's journey so far I have felt the depths of post-natal depression and anxiety, some of those months were the worst days of my life. These feelings still linger in my life now and drawing is something I have discovered beauty and expression in.

With a desire to build a more disciplined art practice the Pretty Petite Project has been born! It's simple really, doing pretty petite pictures is what I love, it's how I spend my me time and warm-up for the day. 

I create these beautiful little images that bring me joy to draw and gaze upon. I have them in my studio, but have many that get filed away, hiding. What if instead they spread their pretty little wings and take beauty wherever they go..... to you, to your mum, to your daughter or friend?! Adding beauty to your everyday and space is what they are meant for. 

Each petite is an original. They are all $9.95 shipped anywhere in the world. I create 2-3 new ones every week and they are available through my Insta shop, right here. You can also follow along on Instagram for new petites @sanchiamarshall



Oh how wonderful! I love your video!

Thanks so much lovely, I appreciate you saying so xx

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